Does your child have a learning disability?

We do a scientific test of your child’s reading, therefore we know how to address the problem. We work systematically, refer problems outside our field to occupational- and speech therapists as well as psychologists. We address all the basic skills of reading. Our results are the guarantee! We guarantee an 8% to as high as 40% improvement in a student’s average performance at school. When the “tool of life” = READING, is on standard, we conduct study courses, in order to assist the students to use their “tool” correctly!

Invest in your child’s future and enrol now at a Tina Cowley Reading Centre

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NeuroFocus teaches the brain to increase
concentration levels when needed.

“We understand that a learning problem is a reading problem.
Some of these issues are related to Phonological processing, letter recognition, deciphering the alphabet, speech and language problems. These are some of the issues we address at our Reading Centres”

We have over 100 branches worldwide

With so many success stories due to our unique methods, this number is continually growing.

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