NBI Brain Profiles

Knowing your personal brain profile is the key to success and happiness in your career, relationships and personal well-being. The NBI Brain Profiles are instruments used to identify thinking preferences. Why is it that some students prefer a quiet environment whilst others seem to work well with loud music and a messy workplace? Why are […]

Study Course

Our 3-day study course is based on brain dominance. Each student’s ideal study method is unique and will be explored. Learn how to study, summarise, plan ahead, remember easily and use your new-found knowledge about brain dominance to study more effectively.

Basic Skills

Basic skills of reading are equivalent to the foundation of reading.  This has to be on standard for the development phase of reading (gr 1-3).  For this reason, the basic skills therefore have to be developed and receive the most attention. At Tina Cowley Reading Centres, we always work from concrete to abstract. 

Handle Thepary

Handle therapy includes several exercises which strengthen the underlying Microsystems in order to make the body work optimally as a unit or macro system.  Human functioning is of eco systemic nature, in other words, all systems in the body work together as a whole and form a unit. Through exercise the weaker Microsystems are strengthened […]

Reading Skills

There are different ways of reading, which are used for different reasons or purposes. We focus on scan-, search-, recreational- and intensive reading skills

Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a series of small body movements used to integrate all parts of the brain to enhance learning.  The movements of Brain Gym help the child to strengthen the nerve-endings between all his senses and brain, by the repetition of easy exercises.Brain Gym focuses on the physical and not the cognitive aspects of […]

Laughter Therapy

We combine breathing exercises with laughter exercises to improve the flow of oxygen to the brain. Laughter therapy causes positive changes in the body, brain and emotions. Known benefits of laughter therapy includes de-stressing, improves immune system, oxygen to the brain, circulation, emotional intelligence and social- and emotional development.

Eye kinetics

Just like any other muscle in the body, the eye muscles should also be strengthened and improved. Strengthening (exercising) of the eye muscles lead to smooth muscular movement that is necessary for reading.